Lash Training



The Urban Luxe Aesthetics Classic Lash Certification teaches the Classic Technique, which is the art of applying 1 lash extension to 1 natural lash safely.

Curriculum will include:

  • Introduction to and history of eyelash extensions

  • Anatomy, structure of the eye and eye infections

  • Hair growth cycle

  • Hands on training of application of lashes

  • Sanitation

  • Different eyelash extensions (Curl, Diameter and Length)

  • Client Consultation (eye shapes, personality)

  • Using tape effectively

  • Allergies

  • How to take care of your extensions

  • Refill options and frequency

  • How to remove lashes

  • Where to purchase products

  • How to effectively market your lash extension business

  • Social Media

  • Ongoing Mentorship and Support